Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Owlidays

We decorated these cute little owls for our wall by the classroom door.  It was a fun little project.

Final Product! The banner says, "Happy Owlidays."

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My door. Happy Thanksgiving!

And this is mine...bum bum bum

This is the one my kids came up with in social skills.  Yes, my friend's below is way cooler!

Miyaka's Listening Board

This is my friend Miyaka.  She is a Life Skills teacher at an Austin middle school.  She really needs to blog too.  Everyone comment and tell her to join us!  Anyhoo, she made this interactive listening poster which I think is cool.  I've been meaning to steal it from her... :)

Book Parade!

Desk Chair Upgrade

So, I stole the idea from our speech pathologist.  She allowed me to put hers (bottom) on my blog too!  So nice of her to tell me how to do this.  Use upholstery fabric!  Comment about yours if you decide to do one! I also redid my kitchen table and chairs.  So cute, stay tuned and I'll show you later.  Loves!

I RAN MY 5K!!!!

My training motivation!  You better believe I looked at stuff like this everyday to keep me movin!

This is actually where I ran most mornings to get ready.  Town Lake, Austin.  Love it there!

Picking up our packets!  

They're covered in color and the race has not even started yet!

I did it!   I ran the whole thing!  VERY SLOWLY!

My running partner!  We worked hard and we made it to the end!